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How to setup a new TN full node on the Pecunia platform

Security warning

Although there is no reason to distrust the good folks at Pecunia, you need to be aware that you are storing your seed with a third party. To minimize any risk make sure that the node wallet does not contain any funds of it’s own and that everything is leased to the node.

  1. Create a wallet on the Turtle Network:

    • then ‘Sign in’ or ‘Get Started’ and create a new account.
    • Important: Save your SEED & password securely and never loose them.
    • Login to your wallet and record the following:
      • Wallet Address
      • Wallet Password
      • In Wallet, navigate to the ‘Backup’ item in the top-right section, click, then record your ‘ENCODED SEED’ which will be used later.
      • If you are using the new wallet, click on the account icon top-right of the screen, click settings and then security and copy your ‘ENCODED SEED’.
      • Logout of wallet
  2. Create an account on

  3. Deposit the cryptocurrency of choice on your account on Pecunia.

  4. Go to Home on and search for TurtleNetwork.

  5. Click on the line for TurtleNetwork below the search box, this will start the process of creating a TurtleNetwork node.

  6. Click continue.

  7. Select the Payment cycle (One month, three month or six month plan).

  8. Enter a Wallet Password and the ENCODED SEED you saved from step 1.

  9. Review your order and click Create, this will start the installation.

  10. You can view the status of the installation of the TN node under Dashboard on the Pecunia platform.

  11. Once installation is finished it will start synching the TN blockchain, this can take a while. In the meanwhile make sure you lease at least 1000 TN to the wallet you created in step 1 to be able to mine blocks.

  12. Browse to or & confirm your node is listed. (Your nodename is the Pecunia ID of your node).

  13. That’s it, your Pecunia based TN node is up and running, now you need to people to start leasing to you to be able to find blocks quicker.

Enable Swagger

If you want to be able to access your node from the outside you need to enable Swagger. To do this you need to call on Pecunia support to enable some things for you, but first you need an API-key:

  1. Open and access Swagger to do the following:
    • Encrypt your API key, do the following:
      • Click on ‘Utils’ then "/utils/hash/secure"
      • Insert your own ‘custom api key’ in the ‘Value’ section then click ‘Try it Out’
      • Record your ‘custom api key’ and the ‘hash’ value which was generated by the previous command
  2. When you have the above information you can open up a chat with Pecunia support and ask them to enable the REST api on your node. They will ask you for the api-key which is het hash value from the previous step.